Portsmouth Police: ‘Rope me up for romance’

Portsmouth Police: ‘Rope me up for romance’


Friday, Oct. 5

Called about a sunken boat in Blue Bill Cove, police went out to the wrecked cabin cruiser that has been there for over a year and removed two large loose pieces. The pieces were towed to Cedar Island where they were trucked away by Public Works.

Thursday, Oct. 11

For the second time in a week, police dealt with an illegal political sign complaint. The first, on Oct. 8, was found mounted to a road sign by the railroad bridge at the entrance to Common Fence Point. The second, on Oct. 11, was at the corner of Anthony Road and Massasoit Avenue. Both were removed.

William Lajoie, 51, of Fall River, was arrested on a warrant for domestic felony assault at 1:30 a.m. A woman said that earlier this month he threw her to the ground, held a sharp object to her throat and threatened to kill her.

Bishop D. Lombard, 19, of Newport, was arrested at 11:47 a.m. on a warrant for violation of sex offender registration change of address.

Sunday, Oct. 14

Michael T. Garcia, 22, of 130 Cottage Avenue, Portsmouth, was arrested on a bunch warrant at 12:22 a.m. after police spotted him walking in the Stubtoe Lane area with a rope wrapped around his body. He “explained that he uses the rope to get into his girlfriend’s window because she keeps the doors locked and believes it to be romantic,” the police report states.

A witness to an accident on Anthony Road at Massachusetts Avenue reported that a car veered far our of its lane and struck a pickup truck despite the pickup driver’s efforts to evade it. The car went about 100 yards and then the female driver backed up “trying to look at a phone and swerved up the street. When she finally stopped she asked if she had hit one of us.”