Portsmouth Police: Felony sexual assault charged

Portsmouth Police: Felony sexual assault charged


Monday, Nov. 12

Robert Bauer, 71, of 56 Norseman Drive, Portsmouth, was charged with two counts of felony sexual assault and one count of disorderly conduct (exposing himself on his front yard). Police said the first of the incidents took place awhile ago but was not reported until it happened again recently. The arrest followed a complaint and police investigation.

Thursday, Nov. 15

Karen Dufault, 51, of 42 Donna Drive, Portsmouth, was arrested on a Newport warrant.

Friday, Nov. 16

After an accident on West Main Road at Bristol Ferry Road, John Ney, 48, of 86 Narragansett Ave., Portsmouth, was charged at 10:49 p.m. with drunk driving and refusing a chemical breath test.

Saturday, Nov. 17

Jeffrey Kingsbury, 26, of Lakeville, Mass., was charged with drunk driving, refusing a chemical breath test and marijuana possession  at 2:42 a.m. Police said they found him in his car that was parked facing the wrong direction on Anthony Road at Common Fence Point.

After he was arrested by Bristol Police on several charges, Robert Smith, 42, of Bristol, was charged at 8 a.m. by Portsmouth police under a warrant for receiving stolen goods, lawn furniture taken from All Island Landscaping. He was held as a bail violator.

Dr. Thaddeus Cransavage, 56, of 76 Lambie Circle, Portsmouth, was charged at 11:32 p.m. with drunk driving. He had been stopped for erratic driving on Route 24 south.