Portsmouth drivers say DOT sprayed paint on cars

Portsmouth drivers say DOT sprayed paint on cars


Rhode_Island_DOT_SealPORTSMOUTH — In a five-day span, four separate drivers complained to police that their vehicles had been sprayed by white paint during R.I. Department of Transportation (DOT) work.

The first driver to complain was Paul E. Scott, who said he was driving north on East Main Road around 12:30 a.m. on Oct. 23 when he encountered a DOT truck painting lines in the roadway.

Mr. Scott said a worker on the truck instructed him to pass the vehicle on the right, but when he did he was forced to drive near the area where the painting was being done. He told police he later noticed overspray on the side of his vehicle.

Police received a similar report from Todd Gagne on Oct. 25, who said he was passing a state truck on East Main Road near Stubtoe Lane when it splattered paint on the driver’s side of his vehicle.

On Oct. 28, Dana Hardin told police her car had also been sprayed by a DOT truck while it was parked on the corner of Park Avenue at Fountain Street. She found several spots of white paint along the entire driver’s side of her vehicle, she said. That same day, George Grassi told police that he believed a DOT crew sprayed white paint on his vehicle when he passed a painting crew on East Main Road near the police station. He learned of the paint when he took the car in for a cleaning later that day.

Police advised all drivers to register a complaint with the state.