Police nab highest ever speeder at 135 mph on Route 24

Raul Barbosa

Raul Barbosa

Raul Barbosa, 27, was stopped after clocking 135 mph on Route 24 north of Tiverton.

Police over the weekend busted two high speed drivers — one for the highest speed ever clocked in Tiverton, at 135 mph — who may have thought Route 24 north of Tiverton was a NASCAR track.

Late Friday night, said Tiverton Police Lieutenant Patrick Jones, an officer on detail on the Sakonnet bridge spotted and called in a BMW, being driven at high speed through traffic.

Lt. Jones said the BMW’s speed across the bridge was 61 mph, but after hitting the dark straight stretch of road east of the bridge, the driver accelerated to speeds that hit 135 mph before being pulled over.

The driver was observed by police changing lanes and passing cars at 135 mph on Route 24 as he headed towards Fall River, Lt. Jones said. The speed limit there is 55 mph.

The driver, Raul Barbosa, 27, of 252 Bridle Way, Tiverton, was charged at 11:26 p.m. with reckless driving and driving with a suspended license.

“This is the highest speed I’ve ever heard of in town,” said Tiverton Police Lieutenant Patrick Jones. The previous highest speeding violation was 121 mph, he said. ”Fortunately he didn’t kill himself or anyone else before he was caught. It was very egregious, very reckless.”

Lt. Jones said Mr. Barbosa, whose license was already under suspension, faces a possible fine of over $1,000.

“He’s got problems,” Lt. Jones said, indicating the judge will have some options available when it comes time to imposing an appropriate penalty.
Robert Ekstrom, 21, was clocked at 91 mph on Route 24 north of Tiverton

Two days later, in the early Sunday morning hours, police nabbed another driver on the same stretch of highway, this one doing 91 mph in the 55 mph zone.

Robert B. Ekstrom, 21, of Fall River, was charged at 1:35 a.m. with reckless driving, driving under the influence of alcohol, refusal to submit to a breathalyzer test, and possession of a weapon other than a firearm.

Robert Ekstrom

Robert Ekstrom, 21, was clocked at 91 mph on Route 24 north of Tiverton

Mr. Ekstrom blew 0.172 on a preliminary breathalyzer test, which Lt. Jones said was over twice the legal limit of 0.08.

Lt. Jones said Mr. Ekstrom was observed swerving across the road and passing a car on the right, all at a high rate of speed.

Mr. Ekstrom was also charged with a number of other traffic offenses: improper display of plates, loud muffler, failure to signal, and speeding.


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