Police: Man broke into Portsmouth house, growled at homeowner

Police: Man broke into Portsmouth house, growled at homeowner


Portsmouth police patchPORTSMOUTH — Here are some highlights from the Portsmouth police log from over the past week.

Wednesday, April 23

Police said a paddle board, surfboard and paddles valued at about $2,100 were reported stolen from a building at the Newport Beach Club. There were no signs of a forced entry, police said.

Thursday, April 24

Edwin J. Garcia, 20, of 13 Dunbar St., Providence, was arrested at about 6 p.m. on a bench warrant that had been issued by Second District Court. Police said they pulled Mr. Garcia’s car over for tailgating on West Main Road near Raytheon.

Zachary L. Edelson, 30, of 44 Village Green Lane, Middletown, was arrested around 4:15 p.m. on a bench warrant issued by Third District Court. Police said they stopped Mr. Edelson’s car for running a stop sign at the intersection of Park Avenue and Boyd’s Lane.

Richard J. Heller, 49, of 234 Union St., was charged with two counts of domestic felony assault at about 2 p.m. The arrest followed an investigation by police of previous incidents involving a victim who said she had been injured by Mr. Heller, police said.

Three people were arrested after police responded to a report of an “out-of-control” party at 17 Redwood Home shortly after 2 a.m. Police said when they arrived, three males in front of the house who were holding beer bottles started running north on Stage Coach Road. One of them, Ryan M. McVicker, 18, of 61 Cornelius Drive, yelled at police to stop chasing him and threw a beer bottle to his right, according to police. Mr. McVicker, who was caught when he attempted to climb over a fence, was combative with police and kicked his legs toward an officer, police said. The other two males could not be found. Mr. McVicker was charged with resisting arrest and disorderly conduct (making loud/disturbing noise). When police arrived back to the home, all the lights were off but there were still people inside, police said. When an officer attempted to enter the house, James M. Lewis, 23, of 140 Long Highway, Little Compton, blocked the doorway and flailed his arms, making contact with an officer’s chest, police said. Mr. Lewis was charged with disorderly conduct and simple assault. Inside the home, police said they found empty beer cans and bottles of alcohol on tables and countertops. Seven adults under the legal drinking age of 21 were inside, but they were not intoxicated nor in possession alcohol, police said. Three juveniles were also in the house, police said. At about 3:50 a.m., the party’s host, Sarah L. Norman, 19, of 17 Redwood Road, drove to the police station in an attempt to talk about the incident because she was upset her boyfriend had been arrested, police said. She appeared to be intoxicated, police said, so they gave her a field sobriety test. Ms. Norman was then charged with driving under the influence.

Saturday, April 26

Noah A. Reimer, 19, of 73 Cottage Ave., was charged with domestic refusal to relinquish a telephone and domestic vandalism with malicious injury to property. Police made the arrest after responding to Mr. Reimer’s home around 12:20 p.m. for a report of an argument between he and another family member. Police said he had smashed a phone on the floor and a kettle onto the stove.

Derion D. Trotter, 19, of 61 Bramans Lane, was charged with domestic assault at about 11:45 a.m. after police reported to his home for a report of an assault. Police said they viewed a video a family member had recorded on a cell phone during the alleged assault, which depicted Mr. Trotter knocking the phone away.

Brian T. Raffa, 48, of 132 Mullberry St., Bristol, was charged with disorderly conduct at about 11 p.m. Police responded to the Dunkin’ Donuts on West Main Road around 10:25 p.m. after a caller reported that a man had walked over to the tables, sat down and hadn’t moved since. The caller said he was in fear for the man’s safety. Police arrived and identified the man as Mr. Raffa. He appeared to be intoxicated and told an officer he was going to get on a bus for Newport, according to police. When the officer told him he was on the wrong side of the road to catch the bus, Mr. Raffa began to argue and used profanities as he walked away, police said. Mr. Raffa also demanded $2 for the bus, according to police. The officer then parked across the street and observed Mr. Raffa standing in the lane of travel and yelling at passing vehicles for a ride, police said. After he crossed the street two times in an apparent attempt to stop passing cars, police said, Mr. Raffa was arrested.

Sunday, April 27

Andrew E. Newbold, 27, of 27 Mumford Ave., Newport, was charged with disorderly conduct (making loud/disturbing noise) shortly before 1 a.m. Police made the arrest after responding to the Island Tap bar on Park Avenue to conduct a compliance check. Mr. Newbold, police said, was with several males who were talking loudly to each other as they were leaving the bar. A police officer told the group to keep their voices down in the residential area and Mr. Newbold responded with a profanity, police said.

Donald A. Brosseau, 59, of 726 Park Ave., Apt. 2, was charged with driving while intoxicated (first offense) and refusal to submit to a chemical test just after midnight. Mr. Brosseau’s car was stopped on Park Avenue after police said he rolled through a stop sign and swerved over the fog line and double yellow lines multiple times.

Russell J. DeMello, 52, of 7 College Lane, Dartmouth, was charged with breaking into a dwelling while the resident was home in connection with an incident that took place April 18. On that date, police responded to a report of a breaking-and-entering in progress at a Bristol Ferry Road home at 10:13 a.m. The homeowner said he heard several loud bangs and when he went to investigate, he saw an unknown man banging at the door on the enclosed back porch. The intruder then kicked the door, causing it to splinter and some of the glass panes to break, before entering the home, police said. The homeowner said he yelled at the man to get out of his house and the intruder growled at him before leaving. (The commotion woke up the homeowner’s son, who was sleeping upstairs, police said.) The suspect fled northbound in a red Dodge Durango, police said, and the homeowner provided them with a plate number. On April 21 at 2:30 p.m., the homeowner identified Mr. DeMello from a packet of Massachusetts Department of Motor Vehicle photos, police said. A warrant was issued for Mr. DeMello’s arrest and he was apprehended by Middletown police on April 27 and turned over to Portsmouth. Mr. DeMello, who was also charged with vandalism, was transported to the ACI pending his arraignment the following morning.