Ex-con charged with child molestation in Bristol

John Chiellini
John Chiellini

John Chiellini

An ex-convict who served 25 years of a life sentence for a 1985 murder conviction before being released was arrested on Wednesday, July 4, after he allegedly sexually assaulted a 9 year-old Bristol boy the night before.

At 5:30 a.m. on July 4, the boy and his mother came into police headquarters where they filed a complaint against John Chiellini, 50, of 20 St. Elizabeth St., Apt. 2.

At the station, the boy reportedly told police that while he was on the side steps of the apartment building around 9 p.m. on July 3, Mr. Chiellini grabbed the boy’s hand and forced him to touch the man’s genital area through his clothes. The boy pulled away from Mr. Chiellini and ran to tell his mother what had happened.

At 10:12 a.m., police went to the St. Elizabeth Street address where the man lives. When a woman answered the door, she said that he wasn’t there. Police looked around the building where they found Mr. Chiellini in a common area smoking a cigarette.

Police arrested Mr. Chiellini and charged him with second degree child molestation and on a warrant issued by Sixth Division District Court for being in violation of a court ordered probation. He was charged on both offenses and taken to the ACI where he was held in lieu of $110,000 bail with surety.

Mr. Chiellini’s criminal record dates back to 1980, according to police records, when he was charged by North Providence police with two counts of entering a dwelling with intent to commit larceny. The 1985 murder conviction was brought by Providence police after an incident in that city. It is unclear when Mr. Chiellini moved into Bristol.


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