East Providence Police Log: Women urinate in elevator, slap unsuspecting male

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EAST PROVIDENCE — Two “20-something-year-old” females became overly rambunctious very early Sunday morning, March 10, leading to a report of a disorderly incident responded to by the East Providence Police at the Extended Stay hotel located on 1000 Warren Avenue.

Amy E. Riccio, 21, of 30 Quickly St., Chelmsford, Mass., and Kaitlyn Crowley, 21, of 26 Hemlock Road, Westford, Mass., were each arrested on a charge of disorderly conduct for their involvement in the incident, which took place at around 3 a.m.

Employees of the hotel reported the females were “yelling and screaming” and carrying on in the wee hours of the morning. It was claimed Ms. Crowley urinated in an elevator. She attempted to explain to officers she lost control of her faculties due to excessive laughing at a joke. Ms. Riccio, meanwhile, allegedly slapped an unsuspecting 52-year-old male also staying in the building after knocking on his room door. For that, Ms. Riccio was also charged with a count of simple assault and battery.

Police eventually had to “physically” remove Ms. Riccio from the premisses after she became “combative.” Both women were held overnight at the East Providence Police Station.

Later Sunday, March 10, Edward Francis Andrade, 27, of 163 Juniper St., Apt. Second, was arrested on charges of domestic vandalism/malicious injury to property and domestic disorderly conduct and also threatened suicide after police responded to a disturbance call at around 8:08 p.m.

Once officers arrived they found Mr. Andrade engaged with members of his family, who thought he may want to purchase drugs. Mr. Andrade requested to be taken to a rehabilitation facility. East Providence Fire Department Rescue 1 was called to the scene and transported Mr. Andrade to Rhode Island Hospital for a mental health evaluation.

On Saturday, March 9, Zhongyuan You, 22, of 100 Ocean Drive, Apt. 309, Boston, was arrested on charges of vandalism/malicious injury to property and disorderly conduct after police responded to a disturbance call at 4 Village Green North, Apt. D, at approximately 7:15 a.m.

Police arrived to find Mr. You having attempted to throw a chair through the sliding glass door of the ground level apartment, which was occupied at the time. The resident claimed Mr. You the boyfriend of a roommate. The suspect was “yelling” and causing a disturbance.


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