Duffy retires as Barrington’s ACO

Duffy retires as Barrington’s ACO


The Barrington Police Department has a new Animal Control Officer following the retirement of John Duffy last month.

Officer Duffy, whose career with the Barrington Police Department totaled 30 years, had been the ACO since July of 2008. He previously worked in dispatch for 26 years.

Police Chief John LaCross had no shortage of good words for the long-time police department employee. He described Officer Duffy as a “go-to person” who not only saw to his duties as ACO but took on additional responsibilities such as assisting with fleet management.

Chief LaCross also said Officer Duffy was “instrumental” in bringing a variety of military surplus equipment to the department including a pair of humvees, some firearms and binoculars, among other items, all of which came at no taxpayer expense. The department of public works even benefited from the program, said Chief LaCross, by receiving a Ford F-350 pick-up truck.

“He was a big asset when it came to that equipment, which saved taxpayers money,” Chief LaCross said. He added some of the equipment (excluding the firearms) can be sold by the department after it has been in use for one year.

Furthermore, Chief LaCross said Officer Duffy ran a “very successful” P.A.L. program for Barrington youth, including a carnival for two years, as well as coordinating annual family gatherings at Barrington High School with live music and fireworks.

“John’s dedication to duty, upbeat attitude and go-to character will be missed by all,” Chief LaCross said.

The town’s new animal control officer is Patricia Watson, who has worked as the police department’s records clerk for the last three years after a tenure in dispatch. Chief LaCross said Officer Watson is currently receiving training in East Providence.