Dropped ‘blunt’ in Bristol puts man in hot seat; investigation leads to...

Dropped ‘blunt’ in Bristol puts man in hot seat; investigation leads to felony arrest


Bristol police arrests for the week of Nov. 18-24, 2012

Tuesday, Nov. 20

As part on an ongoing investigation of a suspected drug dealer, police went to the home of Michael P. Braz, 38, of 7 Mason Ave. where they executed a search warrant on the suspect’s car at 5 p.m. During the course of the search, police said that Mr. Braz produced several packets of suspected cocaine that he had in his pocket. During a subsequent search of Mr. Braz’s residence, police allegedly found approximately 20 pills and two vials of suspected steroids in addition to the .7 grams of cocaine that were confiscated. Police also collected ledgers, a scale and other items typically used in narcotics distribution. Mr. Braz was charged with manufacturing/possession with intent to deliver scheduled I-V narcotics, a felony and transported to District Court for arraignment. The drugs were sent to the state toxicology lab for identification.

Thursday, Nov. 22

A police officer observed a car traveling at a high rate of speed at 11:58 p.m. and stopped it on Mt. Hope Avenue. When the driver rolled down his window, the police officer could allegedly smell the odor of marijuana coming from inside the car. When questioned, Aaron S. Booth, 18, of 4 White Tail Drive allegedly handed the officer a small envelope containing a leafy substance. Police also allegedly found a smoking pipe that was inside the car. Mr. Booth was charged with possession of marijuana and driving in possession of a controlled substance.

Friday, Nov. 23

After being involved in a traffic accident on Metacom Avenue at 2:06 p.m., police allege that Jason W. Almeida, 36, put his car into reverse in an attempt to flee the scene, but instead drove into the vehicle behind him. The other drivers blocked Mr. Almeida’s car in until police arrived. Police said that Mr. Almeida appeared to have bloodshot, watery eyes and his speech was slurred. It was determined that he could not safely operate his motor vehicle, but Mr. Almeida refused to submit to a chemical sobriety test. Mr. Almeida was charged with driving under the influence of alcohol and refusal to submit to a chemical test.

Saturday, Nov. 24

At 12:24 a.m., a car crossed over the Mt. Hope bridge and pulled into a parking lot at the foot of the bridge. A police officer who was on a nearby traffic post observed the vehicle and went over to investigate. When the officer approached the car, the driver, Malcom Rivon, 20, of Newport allegedly told police that he pulled over because he “dropped a burning blunt between the seats” and was attempting to retrieve it. Police said that Mr. Rivon also had two pills in his hand and that a 16 year old passenger had seven pills in a backpack, and a smoking pipe inside a cigarette pack. Both Mr. Rivon and the juvenile were charged with possession of a scheduled I-V narcotic.

Police responded to a St. Louis Avenue residence at 8:13 p.m. in an attempt to locate Vasco T. Castro, 22, of 4 St. Louis Ave. According to police, Mr. Castro was wanted in connection with a complaint filed on Oct. 27 when a woman reported that two gold rings and a gold bracelet were missing from her home. The items, according to police, were sold by Mr. Castro to Countrywide Gold Buyers in Bristol. When Mr. Castro answered the door, he was arrested and charged with receiving stolen property under $1,500.

Sunday, Nov. 25

After receiving a tip that Joshua P. Murphy, 22, of Warren could be found at a location on Murphy Street, police went to the area at 4:40 p.m. where they arrested Mr. Murphy on a warrant issued by Sixth Division District Court. The warrant was issued on a bail violation for a previous disorderly conduct charge.

Police went to the home of Gregg Trexler, 39, of 87.5 Burton St. Apt. 2 where they charged him on a warrant from Sixth Division District Court. The warrant was issued for failure to appear for a payment review after Mr. Trexler allegedly left the scene of an accident with property damage.