‘Dead bodies’ on Portsmouth dock were sleeping men

‘Dead bodies’ on Portsmouth dock were sleeping men

The dock behind Glen Manor House, where two men were found sleeping Aug. 7.

PORTSMOUTH — Two 20-year-old local men who were originally mistaken for being dead last week were charged with disorderly conduct.

Just before 8 a.m. on Thursday, Aug. 7, Police Lt. Anthony Cambrola investigated a report of “two dead bodies” on the dock behind the Glen Manor House on Frank Coelho Drive. A gun was reported to be laying between the bodies, police said.

When Officer Cambrola arrived on the scene, he was met by a visibly upset Donald Wilkinson, caretaker of the property. The officer could see the two men on their backs on the dock, one with a “rifle type firearm” across his chest, police said.

After calming Mr. Wilkinson, Officer Cambrola went on the dock, where he also observed a shotgun shell and other items.

Then he saw the bodies move, and took a “defensive position” as he radioed for help, police said. Patrol Officer John Cahoon III arrived and both officers approached the men. They saw no evidence of blood or wounds on the men, who appeared to be asleep, police said.

First they roused and handcuffed the man with the rifle, later identified as Anthony J. Tingley, 20, of 8 Columbia Terrace.

Police also handcuffed the second man, Edward J. Hole, 20, of 29 Stanton Road, and removed a black CO2 pistol from his right pants pocket. Both firearms were later identified as .177 pellet guns, police said.

Both men had alcohol on their breaths, according to police. Police said they also found a container of marijuana — owned by Mr. Tingley, they said — on the dock as well as a can of beer with a pellet hole.

According to police, Mr. Hole said he and Mr. Tingley arrived on the dock around 6 a.m. to watch the sunrise and were shooting beer cans.


  1. Is it just me, or does this article sound like it came for the “Onion”. If I didn’t know better this sounds like clever satire, but it is dead serious. We must live a charmed life when two “kids” shooting beer cans with a pellet gun makes the news as if it were an important crime story. Sometimes I feel we are living in the 1950’s TV Land.