Car blocking intersection leads to heroin bust

Kellie A. Sargent, 36, charged.Kellie A. Sargent, 36, charged.

Kellie A. Sargent, 36, charged.

Kellie A. Sargent, 36, charged

TIVERTON — A 36-year old Taunton woman was charged with felony possession of 16 bags of heroin (two unused, 14 with residue, said police) after she and a male companion were encountered having car problems and were at a stop in the road near the intersection of Bay and Judson Streets at 9:04 a.m. Monday, July 15.

Tiverton Police Captain Patrick Jones said when officers came upon the vehicle, the driver, Jayson R. Enos, 34, of Fall River, told them he was having some sort of problem with a trailer hitch.

After questioning Mr. Enos, police learned his license had been suspended, and charged him with driving with a suspended license.

His female companion, a passenger, Kellie A. Sargent, 36, of Taunton, had been acting nervous, Captain Jones said. She was unable to drive the vehicle from the scene after it was determined she too had an invalid license. The vehicle was impounded.

After a search, police found the used and unused bags of heroin in her purse, and accordingly charged her with felony possession of a scheduled drug.