Bristol police log: Intoxicated man gets arrested inside police station

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bpd signPot, booze and fighting top arrest report for the week

Thursday, Feb. 21
At 2:10 p.m., a highly intoxicated man entered police headquarters saying that he needed help. Due to the intoxicated condition of the man, police called rescue to assist. While being attended to, the man who was identified as Mark A. Carroll, 47, of 400 Metacom Ave. Apt. 110 allegedly became uncooperative, yelling and swinging his arms at the medics. After struggling with the man, police transported him to Newport Hospital, charging him with disorderly conduct.

Friday, Feb. 22
While conducting an identification check of bar patrons along Thames Street at midnight, police said that a fight among several men broke out inside one of the establishments. As staff attempted to separate the men, one of them fell to the floor. A police officer stepped over the man to help break up the others when another patron began yelling at the officer for stepping over the fallen man. Glenn Vickery, 21, of Reading, Mass. confronted the officer and police attempted to escort him outside. Mr. Vickery allegedly bumped his chest into the officer, spilling his beer on the officer’s uniform. Police led Mr. Vickery out of the establishment and arrested him, charging him with disorderly conduct and resisting arrest.


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