Bristol police: A woman’s wrath wrecks classic Vette

Bristol police: A woman’s wrath wrecks classic Vette


Monday, Oct. 22
Police were called to the US Post Office on Hope Street at 9:49 a.m. where political activists were set up on the sidewalk outside where they displayed signs with the image of President Obama. When police arrived, they observed Kenneth Orenberg, 62, of 39 Bourne St. pulling one of the signs down. He was advised to stop, but continued to pull at the sign and obstructing people from passing by. Mr. Orenberg was charged with disorderly conduct.

Thursday, Oct. 25
On Sept. 28, police received a report that someone made an unauthorized withdrawal using a Citizen’s Bank ATM. Police reviewed the security footage from the ATM at Hope Street and State Street on which they observed Christopher J. Adams, 24, use the previous customer’s ATM card to withdraw $200. Officers recognized Mr. Adams and arrested him at 12 p.m., charging him with larceny under $500.

At 6:05 p.m. police recognized Bruce Silvia, 56, of 17 Burton St. as he was walking on Wood Street. Mr. Silvia, who was known to have outstanding warrants for his arrest, was taken into custody and charged on a bench warrant issued by Sixth Division District Court.

Friday, Oct. 26
When police arrived at a Duffield Road residence at 9:51 a.m., a man there said he was beat up by a woman who was inside. Police went inside where they saw a woman who had cuts and bruises on her. A witness told police that a woman was heard yelling for help. Then the witness saw the man on top of the woman, punching her several times. When the victim attempted to call police, the man grabbed the cell phone from her and threw it into the toilet. Police observed the wet phone and charged Cameron C. Kelly, 22, of 40 Duffield Rd. with domestic simple assault/battery and domestic refusal to relinquish a telephone.

Saturday, Oct. 27
During a motor vehicle stop on Magnolia Street, police discovered that besides the three occupants, the vehicle contained drugs. With the three men seated outside the car at 12:37 a.m., police searched the vehicle finding a bag containing a leafy material that field tested positive as marijuana, two white pills and a brown crystalline substance. The pills and the brown substance were sent for testing. Police arrested Austin Rosenthal, 20, of Atlantic Beach, NY and charged him with possession of marijuana.

Sunday, Oct. 28
Police received a call at 6:55 p.m. reporting that there was an intoxicated man creating a disturbance at a Francis Street apartment. When they arrived, police could hear a man yelling profanities from behind the building. After several attempts to quiet the man, he refused to cooperate and his behavior began to draw onlookers. Police arrested Michael J. Patton, 36, of 10 Francis St. and charged him with disorderly conduct.

Monday, Oct. 29
A man who was involved in a domestic dispute called police to his Bristol business after discovering that someone had entered and caused damage. When police responded on Oct. 29, they observed that the office area had been vandalized. In addition, a classic convertible Corvette Stingray that was stored in the company’s garage had been destroyed. The intruder smashed the car’s windows and repeatedly struck the car’s body with a tire iron causing extensive damage to the vehicle. After questioning the victim, police arrested Lori A. Elmslie, 48, of Little Compton, charging her with domestic vandalism/malicious injury to property.


  1. If those nazis keep setting up at the post office,people keep making them un-welcome maybe they will leave bristol. Their right to bring their opinion can be seen, but they do not have the right to wave our american flag in their protest and that is a dis-honor to all americans veterans.