‘Bearded Bandit’ to plead guilty

‘Bearded Bandit’ to plead guilty

Justin Worley, shown here at an arraignment in September, pleaded guilty to nine counts of bank robbery in U.S. District Court, March 7.

Seekonk Police mugshot photo of "Bearded Bandit" suspect Justin Worley.
Seekonk Police mugshot photo of “Bearded Bandit” suspect Justin Worley.
A man alleged to have robbed banks in East Providence, Barrington, Seekonk and other local communities has agreed to plead guilty to nine counts of robbery, according to United States Attorney Peter Neronha.

According to court documents, 34-year-old Justin Worley will admit that on nine separate occasions – eight in Rhode Island and one in Massachusetts – he entered financial institutions and using implied or explicit threats, including the threat of death in at least four of the robberies, robbed the banks of a total of $32,633.

Police arrested Mr. Worley at a Seekonk motel in September.

During his robberies, Mr. Worley became known as the ‘Bearded Bandit’ for a disguise he donned. The spree allegedly included two banks in Barrington, a TD Bank and a Bank of America, both on County Road. The maximum statutory penalty for bank robbery is 20 years in federal prison, a fine of up to $250,000 and a term of supervised release of 3 years.