Barrington woman’s Thanksgiving ends with arrest

Barrington woman’s Thanksgiving ends with arrest


A Sweetbriar Road woman is facing numerous charges after allegedly assaulting her sister-in-law on Thanksgiving.

According to police, Lorette M. Theriault, 34, ate Thanksgiving dinner with family members on Promendate Street and then went downstairs in the home to play video games when she got into a verbal altercation with the homeowner’s teenage son.

When the homeowner tried to intervene, Ms. Theriault, who appeared to be drunk, reportedly scratched her and struck her twice in the face. Ms. Theriault also reportedly struck another woman who attempted to stop the alleged assault.

Police later responded to Sweetbriar for a report of an intoxicated woman attempting to leave the site and drive, and arrested Ms. Theriault.

While at the police station, Ms. Theriault reportedly vomitted into a bucket and flung it at the finger printing machine and property cabinets.

Police charged her with domestic simple assault and battery, domestic disorderly conduct and vandalism/malicious injury to property.


  1. Sweetbriar management are clearly NOT doing criminal background checks on prospective tenants despite requiring signed releases for criminal and credit checks as part of the application process. Or they chose to ignore the fact that Ms. Theriault has had multiple prior arrests.