Barrington woman helps police track down burgular

Barrington woman helps police track down burgular

Police charged Robert Giammarco with breaking and entering.

Police charged Robert Giammarco with breaking and entering.
Police charged Robert Giammarco with breaking and entering.
For the second time in a month, Barrington Police have re-united a local woman with her jewelry.

On Friday, Feb. 1, police charged Robert Giammarco, 24, of Lincoln, with breaking and entering a dwelling without consent. It was the culmination of an investigation that started about one week earlier when a Lantern Lane woman reported that several pieces of jewelry worth several thousand dollars had gone missing. The woman also said two laptops were gone.

Police reportedly couldn’t find any signs of forced entry at her home but did find foot impressions left in the snow outside.

The woman told police that both a contractor and a plumber had recently worked on her house. While police looked through an online database of items recently sold to pawn stores around Rhode Island, the woman began looking up the names of those who had worked at her home.

When the woman looked up the plumber, she reportedly found a news article detailing a previous arrest of Mr. Giammarco. Coventry and Johnston police charged him with larceny last summer for allegedly breaking into storage units.

He was reportedly released from the ACI on Jan. 14.

Barrington police checked Mr. Giammarco’s name. He was listed as an occupied plumber. He was also reportedly the person of record on a number of recent jewelry sales with pawn stores.

Additionally, a neighbor reportedly told police they spotted an unfamiliar Ford Mustang in the area around the time of the alleged break-in. Mr. Giammarco is the registered owner of a similar vehicle.

Police executed a search warrant at Mr. Giammarco’s Lincoln apartment last week where they reportedly discovered one of the woman’s laptop. She was subsequently re-united with some her jewelry as well, though some of it had reportedly already been melted down.

Det. Ben Ferreira investigated the case. Barrington Police Chief John LaCross said Det. Ferreria’s work was “outstanding.” He also credited the Lantern Lane woman with her diligence looking into the matter.