Barrington teen pinched by online scammer

Barrington teen pinched by online scammer


A local teenager looking for a caregiver was the victim of an alleged scam last month.

On Monday, Nov. 26, the 19-year-old Whipple Avenue woman told police that while using she had come into contact with a woman from Arizona. The website is aimed at finding babysitters, nannies and other caregivers.

The teenager told police the woman was planning to move to Rhode Island but her son needed an electronic wheelchair. The suspect said she had found a wheelchair here in Rhode Island and asked the teen if she would make the purchase for her.

The teenager reportedly agreed and soon received a check for $3,300, which she deposited in her account.

The next day, however, the Arizona woman contacted the local teenager and said she would not be coming to Rhode Island. She reportedly asked the girl to forward her money to an account in Iowa, which she did.

The problem was that the initial check had not cleared and never did, leaving the teenager out of more than $3,000.