Barrington resident said UFO looked like a huge balloon

Barrington resident said UFO looked like a huge balloon


The New Meadow Road resident who reported seeing a UFO said it appeared to be flying over a section of Warren, according to Barrington Police Chief John LaCross.

The chief reviewed the dispatch call and said the resident who dialed the station on Sunday, Nov. 11 at about 10:30 p.m., seemed to be sincere with his report. He said the man asked the dispatcher if the department had received any other calls that night reporting bright lights in the sky due east from New Meadow Road.

The chief said the caller told the dispatcher the lights did not appear to be over the water, rather they seemed to be located directly over Warren.

“I’ve reviewed the tape and the caller seemed to be original and sincere,” said Chief LaCross. “It wasn’t a prank.”

According to the chief, the resident said he spotted lights that appeared to look like a huge balloon in the night sky, and that those lights seemed to hopping up and down. The caller also reportedly told the police dispatcher that he could see airplane lights in the sky and this object was not an airplane.

Chief LaCross said this was the first time he could recall when a resident or anyone else dialed the police station to report a UFO sighting.

“It’s the first one since I’ve been here, and that will be 11 years this January,” he said.

The chief said an officer responded to the New Meadow Road residence shortly after the station received the call. He said the officer was “on scene” for about 10 minutes but could not locate the unidentified flying object.