Barrington Police: Stolen jewelry, DUI arrest and an inappropriate greeting card

Barrington Police: Stolen jewelry, DUI arrest and an inappropriate greeting card


Friday, Dec. 21

A Candleberry Road woman reported her license plate had been lost or stolen. The North Carolina registration was reported missing.

A Sweetbriar Road woman reported receiving harassing phone calls from her former employer. The former employer denied making the phone calls.

Riverside Animal Hospital reported treating a 6-year-old Maple Avenue cat with a wound of unknown origin. The cat was not up to date on its shots and was placed on home confinement.

A Brown Avenue man reported receiving a pair of credit card applications in the mail. The man said he had not asked for the applications.

Police issued a Seekonk man a summons to appear at the Rhode Island Traffic Tribunal after he allegedly knocked over a pair of road signs near the intersection of New Meadow and Sowams Roads. The accident occurred at 3:52 p.m. It was also observed by an off duty Barrington police officer who followed the driver, a 70-year-old man, to his house. Seekonk Police were contacted and the man was given a summons for duty on collision with highway fixtures. He reportedly struck a stop sign and a hurricane evacuation sign. The man’s vehicle reportedly sustained damage to its front, right side. He reportedly told police he did not stop because there was another vehicle behind him following too closely and he had taken the turn too sharply.

Police arrested Christopher Sanchas, 20, of 7 Wedgewood Lane, on a warrant. Police reportedly served the warrant to Mr. Sanchas at the request of East Providence Police. Mr. Sanchas was reportedly wanted for larceny under $500.

Saturday, Dec. 22

A Karen Drive woman reported jewelry missing from her home. The woman told police she believed new cleaning personnel may have taken the items. The jewelry reportedly had a value of about $4,000. The matter is under investigation.

A Rumstick Circle woman reported vandalism to a shed. A felt tip pin had reportedly been used to draw a face on the shed sometime before Dec. 18.

A North Carolina woman stopped by the police station to request that officers help her gain custody of a dog. The dog was living with the woman’s ex-boyfriend, a Great Road resident. The woman told police she was in town for the week and wanted to take the dog home with her. The man, however, said he would not surrender the dog, which appeared to be well taken care of. The man alleged he had paid more for the dog than the woman and she could pursue the matter civilly if she wanted.

A County Road pharmacy reported a larceny. The store manager said a man with black hair entered the store and asked where the cell phone chargers were located. The man then allegedly selected a charger and attempted to use a merchandise rack to block employees from seeing him unwrap the item and place it under his sweatshirt. The man left the store and drove off. The matter is under investigation.

A men’s 10 speed Roadmaster bicycle was found lying on the side of Adams Avenue.

Sunday, Dec. 23

A vehicle repossession company contacted police to request assistance with a vehicle repossession on Maple Avenue at approximately 2:36 a.m.

A College Lane man reported a trio of screens on his neighbor’s home had been cut. The man told police the homeowners are out of the country but he watches the home for them regularly. The man said he had checked on the home the day before and the screens were not ripped. The home did not appear to have been entered.

A Pine Cone Drive man reported an egging. The man told police his truck and the side of his garage were struck with eggs. The man said he did not know who would do such a thing, and while he didn’t know exactly when it happened, his dog had barked at 3 a.m.

Police responded to Maple Avenue for a reported fight in progress. There, a woman told police that her brother was yelling at her fiancee and she couldn’t take it anymore. The matter was resolved without incident.

A Quincy Adams Road man was reportedly bitten by his son’s dog. The man was nipped on the finger by the animal, which was up to date on its shots.

A fire was extinguished inside a Beaver Road home. Police and firefighters were dispatched to the residence at approximately 10:25 p.m. The fire started in a space beneath the home’s furnace. The fire was limited to this area. No one was reported injured.

Monday, Dec. 24

A Governor Bradford Drive man reported his handicap placard had been lost or stolen.

A nun at Carmelite Monastery contacted police after receiving a Christmas card with an inappropriate greeting. The card was addressed to Carmelite but its remarks were directed at a monastery in Alhambra, Calif. The card was reportedly sent by a John York and had a post mark out of Georgia.

A man contacted police concerning a past incident. The man said he was driving on Connecticut Avenue recently, and while turning onto Jo-Ann Drive, a woman walking with another man fell to the ground. The man said he did not hit the woman but stopped to see if she was OK. The woman later contacted the man concerning the accident but he did not agree with her report of the incident. The woman reportedly told police that while she was not struck by the man’s vehicle, she had injured her arm while diving out of its way.

A 9-foot snow plow was stolen from Rhode Island Country Club. An employee noticed the $3,500 piece of equipment missing that morning.

Wednesday, Dec. 26

Police charged a 14-year-old Barrington boy with truancy. He missed school six times and been tardy on 22 occasions.

Thursday, Dec. 27

A St. Andrew’s Way man contacted police concerning suspicious activity. The man said he had backed up personal information onto a website but he was unable to access the information.

Friday, Dec. 28

A Terrace Drive man reported identity theft. The man said a $2,200 bill for four cell phone numbers had been rung up in his name though he never authorized the accounts.

A Milton Road woman reported her bicycle stolen. The woman said her mountain bike had been taken after it was left in an open garage overnight.

An employee from Harbor Animal Hospital reported a dog bitten by another dog. The injured dog, a 14-year-old Boston terrier, belongs to a Ferry Lane man. He said the dog was bitten by a neighbor’s Labrador retriever. Both animals were reportedly up to date on their shots.

An Alfred Drown Road man reported possible larceny from his motor vehicle. The man said he found his vehicle’s door partially open that morning and while it appeared the glove box had been riffled through, nothing of value was missing. The vehicle had reportedly been left unlocked overnight.

Saturday, Dec. 29

Police charged Matthew Dominic Ferrante, 29, of North Providence, with driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs-first offense, blood alcohol level unknown and refusal to submit to a chemical test. Police stopped Mr. Ferrante’s vehicle near the intersection of Bowden and Massasoit Avenues at 2:32 a.m. Police allegedly clocked his vehicle traveling at 56 miles per hour in a 35 miles per hour zone, and also crossing over the white fog line and at one point, into an on-coming travel lane. Mr. Ferrante reportedly had bloodshot eyes and a smell of alcohol on his breath. He reportedly had difficulty with field sobriety tests and refused a breathalyzer.

A Charles Street man reported the larceny of a truck cap. The man said the truck was parked on a piece of property on Sowams Road and the cap was taken from the vehicle sometime before Dec. 23.

A Mathewson Road man found a 7-foot inflatable boat. The boat washed up near his home and appeared to have a piece of severed rope attached to it. The man is hanging onto the vessel. Anyone who believes the boat is theirs should contact Barrington Police.

An East Providence man told police he was being harassed by an ex-girlfriend. The man, who works at a local bank, said she was calling him at work and texting him throughout the day.

A 17-year-old Barrington girl reported that an 18-year-old man had posted a private conversation between the two of them online.

A 26-year-old Sixth Street man entered a County Road pharmacy just after 10 p.m. covered in blood and locked himself in the restroom. Police arrived on scene and found the man with blood on his head and what appeared to be a laceration to his right hand. The man said he didn’t remember how the injury had occurred and that he had been dropped off in Barrington by a RIPTA bus. He was transported to the hospital.

A vehicle was moved on Candleberry Road for snow plows.

Sunday, Dec. 30

Police were dispatched to Middle Highway where a woman said her ex-husband was intoxicated. Police reportedly found the man passed out in the bathroom.