Barrington Police offering drug collection unit at station

Barrington Police offering drug collection unit at station


It is now easier than ever to properly dispose of old medications in Barrington.

A Med Return Drug Collection Unit was recently purchased by the BAY Team and installed at the public safety complex, on Federal Road. The unit is aimed at keeping prescription drugs away from children and preventing water contamination by drugs being flushed down toilets.

Residents looking to use the unit should enter the public safety complex, where a dispatcher or officer will be available to assist them if necessary. Prescription drugs may be deposited provided they do not contain the following items:

– Aerosol cans

– Lotions

– Gauze pads

– Medications from businesses or clinics

– Hydrogen peroxide

– Needles

– Inhalers

– Ointments

– Liquids

n Thermometers

All of these items must be removed prior to a deposit.

Additionally, all items must be deposited inside a clear bag. Clear trash bags will be kept on the side of the unit for residents to transfer their medications before making a deposit.