Barrington Police: Neighbors argue over trashed TVs, alleged embezzlement,

Barrington Police: Neighbors argue over trashed TVs, alleged embezzlement,


Monday, Oct. 1

A New Jersey man contacted police concerning alleged embezzlement. The man said he owns a New York-based business with a man from Barrington. The New Jersey man alleged $10,000 had been taken from the business and though his partner had not admitted to taking the money, he had agreed to refund it.

Wednesday, Oct. 3

A Whipple Avenue man reported televisions had been dumped in his yard by a neighbor. The man said he had moved two TVs back to his neighbor’s yard, only to find them returned. Police spoke to the neighbor, who reportedly said the televisions were on his property but he planned on taking them to the dump anyway.

A County Road man reported hearing noises around his residence at about 9:45 p.m. Upon investigating the noises, the man reportedly found individuals attempting to take his used water heater, which was located near his garage. The vehicle leaving the scene was described as a newer model silver pick-up truck. Police are looking into other complaints about a similar vehicle.

A Sowams Road man reported a verbal argument between neighbors, a father and son.

Thursday, Oct. 4

A Barrington mother contacted police after a man driving a vehicle asked her son for a ride home the prior afternoon. The woman’s son had been dropped off by the bus after school and while walking home with two other students, the man reportedly approached and asked the youths if they wanted a ride. The students refused and the man drove off. The woman requested a police watch to see if the man returned.