Barrington Police: Nayatt School window smashed, DUI arrests, dismantled deer decorations

Barrington Police: Nayatt School window smashed, DUI arrests, dismantled deer decorations


Monday, Dec. 3

Police responded to the CVS Pharmacy after a man allegedly attempted to use someone else’s credit card. The man reportedly approached the counter with $218 worth of deodorants, razors and other items, and attempted to pay for the items with a credit card though when the cashier asked for identification, the man left the store and did not return. Police traced the card to a Providence man who said his wallet had recently been stolen from his vehicle.

Barrington Veterinary Clinic treated a cat with a wound of unknown origin.

Police responded to Foote Street to keep the peace.

Wednesday, Dec. 5

Police responded to a Maple Avenue residence after a number of 911 hang-up calls. There, police found a man and woman locked out of their home. The man’s sister had locked the two outside. The sister told police the man had yelled at her and their mother.

East Bay Animal Hospital treated a cat with a wound of unknown origin.

An Owing Stone Road woman contacted police alleging a FedEx package containing a laptop computer had been stolen. The woman said she had received confirmation the package was delivered but came home to find nothing. The next day, however, she reportedly contacted police to say the package had been found.

Thursday, Dec. 6

A Nayatt School janitor contacted police after discovering a rock hurled through the teachers’ lounge window. The janitor said he arrived at work that morning to find a large hole in the room’s double-paned window. He also discovered a large piece of concrete cinder block inside the room. An officer on patrol that morning said the building was OK as of 1:30 a.m.

A Milton Road woman reported an attempted home break-in. The woman told police she had arrived home to find her side door ajar. Police discovered pry marks around the door though the woman did not know if they were new. Everything inside the home was in order and nothing was reported missing, she said.

Friday, Dec. 7

Police charged Michael Christopher Warren, 26, of Somerset, with driving under the influence of liquor or drugs-second offense, blood alcohol level .15 or greater. Mr. Warren’s vehicle was reportedly stopped ay 2:02 a.m. on Wampanoag Trail after it was clocked traveling 70 miles per hour in a 45 miles per hour zone. Mr. Warren reportedly had bloodshot eyes, a reddish face and a smell of alcohol on his breath. He reportedly told police he was attempting to come from a friend’s house in Providence but had taken the wrong exit. He reportedly had difficulty with field sobriety tests and told police he had had a couple of drinks but “not too much.” He reportedly registered a .188 and .187 on a breathalyzer test.

Police responded to a Martin Avenue residence for an argument.

Saturday, Dec. 8

A Mason Road woman contacted police after it someone attempted to steal her light-up deer decorations. The woman said she found her two white deer dismantled and unplugged but not damaged.

A white American bulldog was found on County Road. The dog appeared sick and skinny. It was taken to an emergency veterinary clinic in Massachusetts. The dog’s owner, however, told police the animal has an ulcer and cannot consume solid food.

Sunday, Dec. 9

Police charged Justin Joseph Bravo, 22, of East Providence, with driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol-first offense, blood alcohol level unknown and refusal to submit to a chemical test. Mr. Bravo’s vehicle was reportedly stopped at 1:49 a.m. after it was clocked traveling 50 miles per hour in a 35 miles per zone on County Road. Mr. Bravo reportedly told police he was coming from a bar in Warren and had consumed a “couple of beers.” He reportedly had slurred speech and minor issues with field sobriety tests. He also reportedly refused to submit to a breathalyzer.

A Barrington woman contacted police about getting a restraining order against a boy bothering her daughter.