Barrington Police: Marijuana arrest, cat attack, car in the woods

Barrington Police: Marijuana arrest, cat attack, car in the woods


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Friday, Feb. 15

A National Grid employee contacted police after she was struck by the side view mirror of a passing vehicle. The mirror reportedly collapsed and the worker did not sustain any injuries. The car’s driver was reportedly an elderly female. Police put out an alert with surrounding communities but the vehicle was not located.

Saturday, Feb. 16

A Barrington man stopped by the police station after his vehicle swerved off the road. The man told police he was driving on Washington Road when another vehicle started drifting into oncoming traffic. The man said he moved to avoid the vehicle, driving his car into a snow bank. The vehicle suffered transmission damage as it was removed.

Sunday, Feb. 17

A Nayatt Road man called police after discovering a stone wall in front of his house had been damaged. The man said a plow had been in the area and though he did not witness an accident, he did hear a loud noise. The man also discovered a set of large tire tracks near the scene.

A Barrington man contacted police after his vehicle skidded on ice and became lodged in a snow bank.

Monday, Feb. 18

Police responded to Haines Park Road where a driver and a jogger were arguing. The driver said the jogger had yelled at him to slow down and slapped his car’s side view mirror. The jogger said the driver was traveling too fast.

Tuesday, Feb. 19

A Birch Road woman contacted police after her purse was stolen. The woman said she woke up that morning to find a screen along a sliding door slightly open. The woman said the door’s lock is broken and she leaves a light on in the kitchen overnight, which could have made the purse visible from the outside. The purse contained a couple car keys but not the woman’s wallet.

Wednesday, Feb. 20

A Bristol woman contacted police after discovering her truck had been hit. The woman said she parked the truck on Terrace Drive for a few hours the prior day but didn’t discover the damage until she got home.

An Eleanor Drive man contacted police after continuously receiving calls from a telemarketing company. The man said he’s asked the company not to call but they haven’t stopped.

A Samoset Avenue woman called police after spotting a familiar cat. The woman said she leaves out food for the neighbor’s cat though this other feline came by one day and scratched her.

A Barrington woman called police after her vehicle struck a pothole on the White Church Bridge.

A Sweetbriar Road man contacted police. He said a Bristol man was harassing him with text and online messaging. Police contacted the man and told him to stop.

Police restored order after receiving a noise complaint at a Sowams Road home.

Thursday, Feb. 21

A Bristol man’s vehicle careened into the woods off Wampanoag Trail at about 3 p.m. The man said he was attempting to lower his visor because of sun glare when the vehicle careened off the road. He wasn’t injured but the car sustained damage to its driver’s side.

Police were contacted about a group of teenagers on the roof of Chiazza.

A Manor Road man contacted police after someone posted an ad for a cell phone online with his home phone number.

Friday, Feb. 22

A Barrington woman contacted police after her car struck a rock on Washington Road.

Saturday, Feb. 23

Police issued a 17-year-old East Providence boy a summons for possession of marijuana-first offense. Police stopped a vehicle carrying the boy and another East Providence teen at about 2 a.m. for a defective license plate light. Police reportedly detected a smell of marijuana coming from the vehicle and the teenager turned over a partially smoked marijuana cigarette, an unsmoked marijuana cigarette and a small bag of marijuana.

Police were notified of a truancy issue at Barrington Middle School.