Barrington Police: Larceny from vehicles, two bench warrant arrests and an alleged...

Barrington Police: Larceny from vehicles, two bench warrant arrests and an alleged egging


Saturday, Nov. 17

Someone found a gray, Giant Cypress woman’s bicycle abandoned on Nayatt Road. A bicycle helmet was also reportedly found in a child’s seat.

A Sowams Road woman contacted police about a possible fight in progress. The woman heard yelling and screaming before her husband reportedly saw a man and a woman drive off together.

A 76-year-old East Providence man was found asleep in his car at Stanley’s Boat Yard at approximately 8:23 p.m. The vehicle was running but was in park. The man told police he was on his boat earlier that day but did not remember getting into his vehicle. The vehicle was idling high when found by police; it had to be towed away after the starter reportedly burnt out.

Police investigated an egging after a teenager said he was struck by an egg thrown from a passing SUV while riding his bike near Nayatt School. Police later stopped a vehicle matching a description provided by the teen though there was no evidence any passengers had been involved in any eggings.

Sunday, Nov. 18

A Barrington man found a debit card on the East Bay Bike Path. Police had not yet located its owner, as of this report.

A Short Road woman reported her purse missing. The woman last saw her purse the previous evening at an awards dinner. She canceled all of her credit cards.

Monday, Nov. 19

A Walnut Road woman reported harassing phone calls. The woman was reportedly contacted by someone claiming to be her older grandson. The woman has no older grandson, however, and hung up the phone.

Tuesday, Nov. 20

A Barrington man contacted police after his son was allegedly hit in the eye by a water bottle cap at Barrington High School. The man was upset his son had to miss school after he was taken to the hospital for an evaluation. The son told police the incident was an accident and that he believed the other student was attempting to hit him in the back. The other student also told police it was an accident.

Thursday, Nov. 22

A tow truck driver from Walpole, Mass. was treated for a hand injury. The man was dropping off a vehicle on New Meadow Road when his hand got stuck in the car’s driver’s side rear tire.

Police were dispatched to a Maple Avenue home after a 911 hang-up call with yelling in the background. The argument was reportedly between a mother and son.

A Barrington woman reported larceny from her vehicle. The woman said her car was unlocked outside a Quincy Adams Road home from 9:30 p.m. to 1:30 a.m. The woman told police her center console was open when she returned with two iPods and a cell phone charger missing.

Friday, Oct. 23

A Wildflower Road man reported a pair of sunglasses and a bag of cigars stolen from his vehicle, which had reportedly been left unlocked overnight.

A woman reported missing from a group home was found in Bristol.

A man who left East Bay Mental Health was found on County Road.

A Bullock Avenue man reported receiving verbal threats. The man said the alleged threats were made by his ex-girlfriend, whom he owes money to.

A Highland Avenue woman told police that her credit card had been fraudulently used to make more than $600 worth of online purchases.

Saturday, Nov. 24

A Highland Avenue woman reported an argument with her ex-husband during a child custody exchange.

Police arrested Estella Da Luz, 66, of Bristol, on a Sixth District Court bench warrant. Police stopped Ms. Da Luz’s vehicle for a seat belt violation near the intersection of County Road and Hamilton Avenue. The warrant was reportedly issued for failure to appear.

Sunday, Nov. 25

Police arrested Mike M. Duarte, 38, of Riverside, on a Sixth District Court bench warrant. Mr. Halleck was a passenger in a vehicle stopped near the intersection of County Road and Hemlock Drive for a defective headlight. The warrant was reportedly issued for failure to appear in court.

A Massasoit Avenue resident reported an attempted break-in. An officer said it did not appear there was any forced entry though someone may have attempted to enter though a sliding door. The matter remained under investigation.

The manager of CVS Pharmacy on County Road reported a past shoplifting. The manager told police he noticed two bags of diapers missing while conducting a store inventory. The manager said he checked the surveillance image and found a woman who entered the store with two children and appeared to place the items inside a large bag. The manager, however, said the store did not wish to press charges.

A Honeysuckle Court woman reported larceny from her vehicle. The woman said she always locked her car but forgot to that night, when a GPS was reportedly stolen from her glove compartment.