Barrington Police: ID theft, a dog bite and a stolen bicycle

Barrington Police: ID theft, a dog bite and a stolen bicycle


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Tuesday, March 5

Police charged Yfat Kadan, 39, of 7 Zephyr Lane, with high speed pursuit-first offense and driving without a driver’s license or with an expired driver’s license. Police attempted to stop Ms. Kadan’s vehicle at 5:40 a.m. after it was observed rolling through a stop sign. She kept driving onto Wampanoag Trail and into East Providence at about 60 miles per hour before a cruiser pulled in front of her car to stop it on Interstate 195 East. Ms. Kadan reportedly thought police were attempting to pass her and there seemed to be a communication barrier. Police Chief John LaCross said the high speed pursuit charge will likely be amended to failure to yield to a police officer.

A Barrington man contacted police after another vehicle struck his pick-up truck in the Dunkin’ Donuts parking lot on County Road. The man said two women informed him of the accident. The driver of the other vehicle, a Barrington woman, did not realize she had caused any damage.

A Barrington High School assistant principal contacted police after discovering a student with a Swiss Army Knife. The knife was less than three inches long and while it did not violate criminal law, it was a violation of school regulations. School officials reportedly suspended the student for 10 days.

An Apple Tree Lane man was bitten by his cat. The animal was up to date on its shots.

Police performed a well being check on Ledge Road.

A Lake Avenue woman reported identity theft. She received a notice from the IRS amending her earnings for 2011 though the additional income was listed with a company she never worked for.

A Park Avenue woman contacted police with a trespassing complaint against her ex-husband. The man reportedly said he wanted to retrieve a few belongings from the home but he would stay off the property.

Wednesday, March 6

Police performed a well being check on Governor Bradford Drive.

Warren police stopped two Barrington brothers on Market Street after an incident at CVS Pharmacy on County Road. A store manager told police the two brothers, ages 20 and 23, entered the store around 4:48 p.m. One brother stood near the top of the baby formula aisle while another walked up and down the aisle. The woman asked both if they needed help. They both said no but became agitated when the woman asked again. One brother reportedly knocked down a shelf of items on his way out of the store. The men told police they were looking for Magic the Gathering cards. Both were issued no trespass warnings.

Police assisted with a vehicle repossession on Promenade Street.

Friday, March 8

A Riverside woman reported being bitten by a dog on the bike path near Haines Park. The woman said she was walking her dog when she spotted a small black dog off its leash. The woman went to check the dog’s tags when it bit her.

Saturday, March 9

A Pleasant Street man reported his bicycle stolen. The bike, a titanium frame 20-speed valued at $5,500, was tied to the man’s porch with a cable though the cable was cut.

Sunday, March 10

A Highland Avenue woman asked police to destroy a BB gun.