Barrington Police: DUI arrest, stolen construction equipment and a bag of watches

Barrington Police: DUI arrest, stolen construction equipment and a bag of watches


Monday, Nov. 26

A dog bit a Thomas Street woman. The woman picked up the dog from her sister in Pennsylvania the previous Saturday and when she brought it home, it bit her upper lip. The woman said she thought the dog was scared. The dog was reportedly up-to-date on its shots.

Tuesday, Nov. 27

A Woodland Road man reported an attempted break-in. The man said he found pry marks around two of his home’s basement windows though it did not appear the break-in was successful.

A North Kingstown man reported receiving a bad check from a Nayatt Road man. The North Kingstown man said he was performing work on the local man’s home, which he received a $10,000 check for as a down payment. The North Kingstown man said he later received a $9,500 check though when he went to deposit the payment, the bank had been informed to stop payment.

A Jenks Garden Lane woman took her cat to the East Bay Animal Hospital after it suffered a wound to its left ear. The woman did not know how the wound occurred.

Wednesday, Nov. 28

A Bristol man reported the theft of a compressor, a jackhammer and scrap copper from a Stone Tower Lane home. The man was performing work at the home and had left the items outside overnight. The man reported seeing another man in a black truck in the area a day earlier. The jackhammer and compressor had a combined value of more than $3,500.

Police charged Diane M. Coelho, 46, of 4 Zompa Road, with driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs-first offense, blood alcohol level unknown and refusal to submit to a chemical test. Police stopped Ms. Coelho’s vehicle on Middle Highway at approximately 11 a.m. after a caller reported a possibly intoxicated driver. Ms. Coelho reportedly had difficulty with field sobriety tests and police reportedly found a bottle of pineapple flavored alcohol in her vehicle’s back seat. Ms. Coelho reportedly consented to the first stage of a breathalyzer but did not complete the test.

A Veritas Way woman contacted police after her son said he saw a man holding an ax.

A Melrose Avenue man reported a vehicle break-in. The man said he normally leaves his vehicle unlocked and a gym bag and a computer charger recently went missing. The man said he discovered the items on a neighbor’s lawn, however, and decided to contact police after learning of other recently reported vehicle break-ins.

A Bristol woman was transported to the hospital from County Road.

Thursday, Nov. 29

A Magnolia Lane woman was returned home after turning up at a Washington Road home.

Friday, Nov. 30

A Clarke Road man was taken to the hospital. The man’s wife reportedly contacted police when her husband did not return home from work on Thursday, Nov. 29. The woman said she had been text messaging with her husband but was eventually unable to reach him. A family member said the man’s tablet device was on Route 101, in Connecticut. The family contacted a Connecticut police department, which later found the man at a campground though the man said he was fine. He reportedly checked into the hospital sometime before Saturday, Dec. 1.

Saturday, Dec. 1

A man walking his dog in Veterans Park found a paper bag containing six watches. The watches were leather and silver and did not appear to be working.

Sunday, Dec. 2

A Lamson Road man contacted police alleging local youths have been stealing wood from his wood pile. The man also said his shed had recently been egged. The man said he has moved his wood pile in hopes the alleged stealing stops.

A New Meadow Road woman was transported to the hospital.

Police charged Jenni L. Barrette, 29, of 108 County Road, with domestic-disorderly conduct and domestic-vandalism/malicious injury to property. Ms. Barrette was arrested after a reported argument with her boyfriend. Ms. Barrette allegedly backed her vehicle into his vehicle and broke a door inside their apartment.