Barrington Police could ticket for out-of-state tags

Barrington Police could ticket for out-of-state tags


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Individuals keeping vehicles in Barrington that are registered in other states may soon get a ticket in the mail.

Barrington Police Chief John LaCross said any vehicle that spends more than 30 days a year housed in Rhode Island is required to be registered in-state.

Chief LaCross said the 30 days do not have to occur consecutively. He also said it does not matter if the vehicle belongs to a company located in another state.

Barrington Tax Assessor Michael Minardi recently sent letters to a number of local residents believed to be in violation of the state law. Mr. Minardi said he didn’t receive any official responses to his letter though he did notice some of the vehicles in question soon had Rhode Island license plates.

Chief LaCross said anyone who received Mr. Minardi’s letter or keeps an out-of-state registered vehicle in Barrington should contact either himself or the tax assessor.

Chief LaCross said those who fail to do so could receive an $85 summons to appear at the Rhode Island Traffic Tribunal.

The police department also has the authority to issue subsequent violations if the matter is not resolved.