Barrington Police Chief: Shovel your sidewalks

Barrington Police Chief: Shovel your sidewalks


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Barrington Police Chief John LaCross is asking residents for their cooperation with a local ordinance that requires the shoveling of sidewalks after a snow storm.

The local ordinance states that all those owning property along a sidewalk must clear the walkway of snow no later than 6 p.m. the day after snow has ceased fallen.

In this case, that was 6 p.m. Sunday.

Residents must also clear snow around any fire hydrants near their property.

Failure to comply can result in up to a $50 fine

Chief LaCross said officers will be out Monday checking to see if sidewalks have been cleared. He said police have a list of those who are exempt because they are physically incapable of doing so and cannot pay for removal though police will attempt to contact those who are not exempt and have not complied with the ordinance.

The chief stressed the importance of clearing the sidewalks, especially for children walking to and from school and along pedestrian corridors such as Maple Avenue and County Road.


    • Mr. cross . Yes a blizzard on friday and on Sunday you release this message? I am very much aware how hard the plows, electric companies etc have worked and most still are . And know how exhausted these admirable workers. A fine ? for hydrants ? How can you dictate that kind of demand for residents. I am sorry we ALL are doing the best we can and exhausted as well. Maybe some other municipal workers can do the hydrants too. There are many older residents in this town along with most of us who SHOVELED this Heavy Heart attack snow also need a break as well.Maybe Mr. Cross when you send a message like that I sure hope you’re helping out too meaning manual labor ! And refuse to accept any Municipal/Government . This is the USA not a government controlled country . Maybe that sounds a bit over the top. Your demand is a bit extreme as well.

  1. Mr. Cross.
    I was happy to see on line you lifted the fine. Thank you . We will do our sidewalks all we needed was a bit of down time to recharge our batteries to continue to conquer once again Mother Natures anger… HaHa!