Barrington Police charge woman with DUI as son sits in car

Barrington Police charge woman with DUI as son sits in car


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Barrington Police charged a 37-year-old Providence woman with drunk driving Sunday morning as her 12-year-old son sat in the car.

Police stopped Vanda H. DaRosa, of 2 Glasglow St., Apt. 4A, in her vehicle at approximately 2 a.m. near the park and ride on County Road at the White Church. Someone reportedly spotted the vehicle speeding and crossing over the fog line and double yellow lines.

Police reportedly detected an odor of alcohol coming from Ms. DaRosa. She also reportedly had bloodshot watery eyes. According to the report, Ms. DaRosa told police she was bringing her son home and had consumed one drink earlier that evening.

Ms. DaRosa reportedly had difficulty with field sobriety tests and tried to flee when officers attempted to place her in handcuffs. Ms. DaRosa also allegedly tried to kick an officer while being placed in the police cruiser and later kicked another officer after repeatedly kicking the vehicle’s windows.

Officers transported her to the police station where a search reportedly revealed a small amount of marijuana in her purse. Officers also allegedly found an open container of beer in Ms. DaRosa’s vehicle.

According to police, Ms. DaRosa started yelling while inside the holding cell and at one point, stuck her entire head into a toilet.

Ms. DaRosa reportedly registered a .18 on a breathalyzer, more than twice the legal limit.

Officers transported Ms. DaRosa’s son to the police station where his grandfather later picked him up.

Police charged Ms. DaRosa with driving under the influence of liquor or drugs-first offense, blood alcohol level .15 or greater, disorderly conduct, resisting legal or illegal arrest, simple assault or battery, presence of an alcoholic beverage while operating or riding in a motor vehicle, possession of marijuana-first offense, and driving in possession of controlled substances.