Barrington Police: Accidental box cutter slash, stolen brass plaque, fraud

Barrington Police: Accidental box cutter slash, stolen brass plaque, fraud


Monday, Oct. 22

Someone stole a brass plaque — it notes the donation of a copper beech tree from the Girl Scouts to the town — from in front of Barrington Public Library. The plaque, which sat on an island outside the facility, went missing sometime before 4:15 p.m. though no one at library knew exactly when it was taken.

Tuesday, Oct. 23

A Lincoln Avenue woman contacted police to report her bedroom was messy and she didn’t remember leaving it like that.

A Central Avenue woman contacted police after receiving a phone call. The caller reportedly identified himself as her grandson and said he and a friend were trapped at a Mexican embassy. The man asked the woman for $1,500 to get them free. The woman had reportedly heard of a similar scam and asked the man a family question, at which point he hung up.

Barrington Police were notified the probation officer of a Maple Avenue man was investigating a possible violation.

A utility worker was taken to a medical center by colleagues after cutting himself with a box knife. The man was stripping cable behind the public safety complex when he cut himself along the thigh, near his kneecap.

Officials transported a Sachem Road woman to the hospital.

Wednesday, Oct. 24

Police charged Connor B. Booher, 18, of 119 Anoka Ave., with possession of marijuana-first offense. Police came into contact with Mr. Booher at about 2:12 a.m. after receiving a report of loitering near a County Road business. Police could reportedly detect an odor of burnt marijuana coming from Mr. Booher. Police allegedly found a small amount of marijuana, two iPods, and an empty wallet in Mr. Booher’s possession.

A Waverly Road man reported a case of attempted fraud. The man said he received a text message informing him his credit card had been de-activated. The message also contained a phone number, which the man called. An automated service reportedly picked up and requested the man’s credit card number. He hung up the phone without entering any information.

Thursday, Oct. 25

A Sowams Road woman reported a case of fraud. The woman said she had received a text message from her cell phone provider notifying her the last four digits of her Social Security number had been used to change the address on her account. The woman notified the carrier of the improper alteration. She later received a second text message that a line had been added to her account in Florida, which she did not authorize.

A Lamson Road man reported a case of fraud. The man said he had sent $350 to an individual through CraigsList to purchase an iPhone, which never arrived.

Friday, Oct. 26

A Sowams Road woman reported a home break-in. The woman said her son had been out between 2 and 3:30 p.m. that day but found the home’s back door open when he returned home. The woman said she didn’t think much of it until later that evening when she noticed it appeared some of her drawers had been riffled through though nothing was missing.

A Bay Spring Avenue woman reported $5,000 worth of jewelry had been stolen from a box in her bedroom. The woman also reported missing bank statements.

Saturday. Oct. 27

A Richmond Avenue man reported his wallet missing. The man said he had left the wallet in his locked car earlier that afternoon while at a yoga studio. When the man returned, his car was still locked. He noticed the wallet missing several hours later.