Barrington man duped by wall-jack jackers

Barrington man duped by wall-jack jackers


A Whipple Avenue man witnessed an alleged theft right in front of his home last week but didn’t realize anything was wrong until it was too late.

On Tuesday evening, Oct. 9, the man set two wall jacks outside on the curb. The two 10-foot tall pieces of equipment belonged to a contractor living in Warren. The Barrington man told police he had set them outside for the contractor to pick-up.

Coincidentally, a tan pick-up truck with sheet metal in its bed reportedly pulled up in front of the house that evening and a man began loading up the jacks.

The Barrington man asked the pick-up truck driver if he was picking the items up for his contractor. The driver said yes.

The Barrington man later suspected the items had been stolen after speaking with the contractor who said he never received the jacks.