Barrington hit by break-in spree

Barrington hit by break-in spree


Police are once again advising local residents to lock their vehicles in the wake of numerous local break-ins.

On Thursday morning, Sept. 20, some residents of Sixth Street, Walnut Road and Chapel Road reportedly awoke to find that their vehicles had been rummaged through the previous evening. While some of these vehicles had been left parked outside overnight, a pair of the affected cars had been stored inside garages.

Police began investigating the situation after hearing from a Chapel Road woman who said she found her vehicle’s driver’s side door open inside her garage that morning.

The woman told police her car’s center console and glove compartment appeared to have been riffled through and a number of CDs had been scattered on the floor. The woman also told police both overhead garage doors were locked though a backdoor to the structure had been left unlocked.

Police were later stopped by a Walnut Road man who did not wish to file a formal complaint but stated someone had apparently entered his vehicle. The man said his GPS unit wasn’t taken but loose change had been snatched.

Police began to speak with individuals living in the area and on other surrounding streets, such as Lincoln Avenue, where they found more reports of missing change.

The second garage break-in was reported by a Sixth Street woman. Like the incident on Chapel Road, the woman told police she found her vehicle inside the garage with its driver’s side door open. Unlike the previous incident, however, the woman reported $55 cash and a credit card missing.

In light of the police’s investigation, another Sixth Street woman came forward to state that a bulk head door leading to her basement crawl space had been left open from a day earlier though she hadn’t thought much of it at the time.

Another neighbor also reported their cell phone had turned up in a neighbor’s hedges.

Later Thursday morning, police were dispatched to Waseca Avenue where a man reported a storage container in the bed of his pick-up truck bed had been left open, as had his glove compartment and a storage shed in his backyard, though nothing was reported missing.

On Belton Drive, a man reported two credit cards and an iPod had been taken from his unlocked vehicle.

Barrington Police Chief John LaCross said residents are advised to keep their vehicles and garages locked. He also said anyone who sees or hears anything suspicious such as a dog barking late at night, an alarm going off or youths riding bicycles during overnight hours, should call police at 437-3933.


  1. It’s unfortunate that the residents of Barrington continue to experience these thefts. However, I can’t understand why people continue to leave their cars, garages and sheds unlocked. As long as the thieves can easily grab cash, credit cards, electronics, etc. Barrington will continue to be a target.