Bristol Harbormaster: Bring plastic, not cash for payment

Bristol Harbormaster: Bring plastic, not cash for payment


By next boating season, the Bristol Harbormaster’s office may no longer accept cash for payment of transient dock and mooring fees.
Instead, harbor officials are pushing for the use of credit/debit cards, and personal checks.
“The idea is to not have the harbor patrol deal in cash,” said Jim Dollins, who sits on the Harbor Commission.
The harbormaster now has the capability to charge the fees to credit cards via a mobile credit card reader.
Payments are also accepted over the phone.
“We haven’t got a formal date yet,” said Mr. Dollins, referencing the cut-off date for cash payments. “But we’ll be sure that what we put into the rules will enhance the visitation of yachtsmen.”


  1. The Harbor Commission is doing a fantastic job working with the new Harbormaster Marzilli. This step in accountability is one long overdue.I am a friend of Capt Joe Cabral and I used to see him with huge wads of cash but knowing Capt Joe I am sure all the money was turned in to the Town .Capt Joe is not the kind of person to use his position for personal gain. Now he should ask his son in law WHY did you erase the computers, you were taught by the best, to be honest and trustworthy.

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    Asst. Harbormaster Calouro led the development of an online system, before cloud computing was popular, to manage the bulk of funds received by the harbormaster’s office and did not handle cash transactions.

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    Asst. Harbormaster Calouro greatly assisted the USCG by promoting a web based Private Aid to Navigation System so that the USCG could do it’s job. The online harbormaster mooring and slip management system was one if not the first of its kind in the country.

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    You would think that most employers will do a basic background check before hiring someone like googling them and checking their facebook page. Also makes sense to check their employment record if they work for a government agency.

    • As a former Bristolian and long term cruiser, I read with interest the activities surrounding the Harbormaster’s office. My wife and I have cruised extensively along the Atlantic coast from the Bahamas and the Florida Keys to Narragansett Bay. We have substantial experience with Harbormasters and waterfront accommodations.
      Coming back to Bristol Harbor after weeks along the coast was and will continue to be a highlight for us. Joe Cabral and his staff were always friendly and efficient. They were the marine face of Bristol and made us feel welcome. Fellow boaters who knew our roots frequently commented on the friendly and accommodating staff. I understood Mr. Cabral’s decision to retire and watched the selection process unfold. I was pleasantly surprised at the unbiased selection of Chief Marzilli, a seasoned mariner and Coast Guard veteran. His greeting when we returned was no less friendly and accommodating.
      Bristol should be proud of the Harbor Master and his staff. Marine visitors appreciate your courtesy. By the way, local merchants and tradesmen appreciate the added business as well.

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    Bristol should be proud of the 14 years of service by Asst. Harbormaster Calouro who upgraded the harbor master’s office and USCG processes.

    No good deed goes unpunished. He has received nothing but grief and bad press from the town and this newspaper.

    Unfortunately, the town does not appreciate how Mr. Calouro guided development and implementation of a transparent management system and made it available to the town administrator and auditor.

    In addition, Mr Calouro helped resurrect the RI Harbormasters Association which brought together federal, state, and local marine first responders as well as other waterfront organizations.