Pizzico Ristorante could replace Chiazza

Pizzico Ristorante could replace Chiazza



One of the most visible restaurants in town could be changing hands.

On Monday, March 4, the Barrington Town Council will hold a liquor license transfer hearing from Chiazza to Pizzico Ristorante.

“We’re coming to town,” said Jim Harris, who co-owns Pizzico with Dan Teodoro.

The County Road Pizzico would be the restaurant’s second location. The original Pizzico, on Hope Street, in Providence, opened up 22 years ago. Mr. Harris bought the business in 2011 and Mr. Teodoro joined him as co-owner about six years ago, bringing along a catering business.

Mr. Harris said the Barrington menu will mimic the Providence menu. He described Pizzico as an “upscale Italian restaurant” offering everything from veal to poultry, seafood, salads appetizers and more.

Mr. Harris said his restaurant has a great reputation and accordingly, there was never a thought given to doing anything different from what has made Pizzico a success.

The restaurant will offer weekly farm to table specials, something Mr. Harris anticipates should go over well in Barrington. Pizzico has also received numerous awards from its wine list.

The restaurant’s catering service, booked for weddings parties and other functions, will be extended into Barrington.

Mr. Harris said the current plan is for Pizzico to take ownership on March 4 following the license transfer. The restaurant will be closed for about a week, Mr. Harris said, with a goal of opening around mid-March.

Though there aren’t plans for any extensive renovations, Mr. Harris said the restaurant will be painted and new light fixtures will be installed along with table linens and new art work.

“When they talk in they’ll feel like they’re walking into a completely different place,” Mr. Harris said.

Even before coming to town, Mr. Harris said Barrington residents are fmailiar with Pizzico. He said a lot of his customers come across the bridge and Barrington is a great place to open a restaurant.

“I think everybody would like to get into Barrington,” he said.

“It’s very upscale community and a nice place to run a business.”

Chiazza opened in Sept. 2004.