Photo: Storm claims late victim in Warren

Photo: Storm claims late victim in Warren


stuyckSnow left over from Friday and Saturday’s storm still lingers across town, in piles big and small from Water Street to Touisset Point. For the most part it’s been tamed though, right? Tell that to two DPW workers who were using a rented cherry picker to remove Christmas lights from the trees in front of the police station Thursday afternoon. The workers drove the truck onto the sidewalk and proceeded to get stuck as they maneuvered into position, succeeding in nothing more than spinning the tires. They eventually gave up on it, though workers managed to get it out later.


  1. As a previous victim of UN-plowed sidewalks in Warren, I have to laugh that a Warren vehicle got stuck, maybe if the the sidewalk was plowed that would not have happen. Or better yet those xmas lights should have been taken down in January when the weather was warmer. Somebody is asleep at the helm.