Photo: Accident on Warren’s Metacom Avenue

Photo: Accident on Warren’s Metacom Avenue


FENDERBENDERNobody appeared to be seriously injured when two cars collided at the intersection of Seymour Street and Metacom Avenue just after 1 p.m. Friday. The accident drew a large response from volunteer fire fighters, EMTs and police.


  1. Can we finally have the town and state take a look at the cluster#@&^ that is Metacom Ave. from the CVS to the Metacom Medical Center? There is an accident waiting to happen every second of the day in this area of town.

    Between the ridiculous amount of unorganized parking lot entrances and exits, street intersections, lights and people not paying attention while digging into their McDonald’s bags for fries rather than noticing the Laurel Ln. light to head north is red, or the people flying out of the Valero parking lot through the red light heading south at the same intersection. I could go on and on and on about the lack of planning when it came to setting up the aforementioned lots/streets/lights.

    The new one that I am starting to see more and more is the lack of a proper entrance/exit to the Fat Bellys lot. I could guarantee that this area of town is where most of the accidents happen. Time for the TOWN and/or STATE to clean this up before people are killed.

    Time for the Town of Warren to begin to use some common sense and get on these businesses to make proper entrances/exits. It is a state road, can we also have them look at a better configuration there?

    Can anyone tell me if they can come up with an example in the past 20 yrs of this town, if not more when there was a vision that was followed through with? Everything is an after the fact reaction.