Pet Society Vacation makes it’s way to iPhone

Pet Society Vacation makes it’s way to iPhone

Mini-games: Pet Society Vacation
Gamers can play mini-games to earn cash for customizing their avatar and houseboat.

The successful Facebook social game, Pet Society Vacation, is now available on iPhone and iPod Touch. Fans can expect the same experience as the Facebook version with the ability mingle with friends on the island, design their own houseboat, visit their friends houseboat, and compete in mini game. Gamers that already play on Facebook can connect to their account and earn bonuses, exclusive items and trophies while playing on their device.

Pet Society Vacation is a social game that allows player to create animal avatars and mingle with their friends on a tropical island. Players can create and customize their own houseboat, adding their own unique style to their virtual home. Mini games like pet scuba diving allows players to earn cash and discover treasure which aid them in customizing their online experience.

With nine million plus monthly Facebook players, the iPhone version has a god base to start from. For more information on Pet Society Vacation, visit their website or download the free game from iTunes.