Perry brothers reject State offer, await trial on child molestation

Richard Perry appears in Providence Superior Court where he waived his right to a bail hearing.

Jesse Perry

Jesse Perry

Richard Perry appears in Providence Superior Court where he waived his right to a bail hearing.

Richard Perry appears in Providence Superior Court where he waived his right to a bail hearing.

Accused child molesters, Richard Perry, 56, of Warren, and his brother, Jesse Perry, 60, of Fall River, Mass. remain incarcerated in the Adult Correctional Institute on several first- and second-degree charges involving a total of six underage victims over the course of several years.

Richard Perry is charged with violating three victims, with two counts of first degree child molestation and a total of four counts of second-degree child molestation, on which the Rhode Island Attorney General has brought three cases against Richard Perry. He was arrested by Bristol police in December 2012 after a lengthy investigation and has been held at the ACI ever since.

On February 6, the State offered Richard Perry an opportunity to resolve the pending trial by admitting the crimes and accepting a sentence of 30 years with 18 to serve.

He rejected the State’s offer and will instead be slated for trial beginning May 12, 2014.

Similarly, his brother Jesse Perry, stands accused of violating three children, and has been charged with a total of two counts of first degree child molestation, and four counts of second degree child molestation. The State, with the help of Bristol Police, Rhode Island State Police, and Massachusetts State Police brought three cases against Jesse Perry.

Jesse Perry was arrested in January 2013 and has remained at the ACI since his arrest.

On March 10, the State offered Jesse Perry a 40 year sentence, with 25 years to serve in exchange for a guilty plea. He rejected that offer and will remain at the ACI through his trial date scheduled for May 12.

The Perry brothers, who lived in Bristol for many years, chose careers where they worked alongside children.

Richard retired from the Bristol Warren Regional School District in 1997 after working as a teacher’s aide and custodian, as well as serving in other capacities where he counseled students who were truant or had other disciplinary concerns.

Jesse Perry retired from the Dighton-Rehoboth Regional School District in the spring of 2012 after a 30-year career, working at Dighton Middle School as a math teacher.

Throughout the 1970, 1980s and into the 1990s, both brothers worked in youth programs.

Together, they worked as camp counselors at the Bristol YMCA, and were active in local youth sports, including the King Philip Little League, the Mustangs Pop Warner football league, and, until his 2012 arrest, Richard was an umpire for AAU baseball.

During the course of the investigation, evidence was collected by Bristol Police and Rhode Island State Police and brought to the Rhode Island Attorney General who found sufficient evidence to merit a grand jury review.

Given the nature of the crimes and where they allegedly took place, State Police were called upon to assist in the investigation. Based on that evidence, a grand jury indicted Richard Perry on charges of first- and second-degree child molestation.

Charges against Jesse Perry were brought after a victim told Bristol Police of his experiences with Mr. Perry and was willing to assist in the prosecution.


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One Comment;

  1. Wil DeGelt said:

    Thank you Perry brothers for NOT taking the plea! Instead of just disappearing for 20-25 years, the rest of us, including the Perry family members, will finally get to see exactly what happened and when. Perhaps the testimony of the victims will give courage to others to come forward and face their attackers. This trial will make news – I just hope that the Phoenix covers it with as much zeal and enthusiasm as they do with the never ending saga of the Bristol Animal Shelter.

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