People beat the heat at Barrington Beach

Noah Salois, 5, heaves a bucket of water into a make-shift pool at Barrington Beach recently. Andrew Culley, 12, is right.


Barrington Beach is experiencing another stellar summer season.

Recent upgrades and significantly fewer closures due to water quality issues have helped improve the local beach, said Barrington Town Manager Peter DeAngelis.

“It looks great,” he said.

The town invested approximately $300,000 in a new bath house for the beach and also purchased a beach rake, which is used to clean the sand. A build-up of seaweed and other debris along the beach had been a problem in the past.

Ava Farnsworth, 9, scoops sand out of a pool at Barrington Beach recently.

Ava Farnsworth, 9, scoops sand out of a pool at Barrington Beach recently.

Michell Geremia, the town’s director of recreation and leisure services, agreed with the town manager. During a recent park and recreation commission meeting, Ms. Geremia offered a short report on the beach and told commission members that the town has sold approximately 1,000 beach passes.

“The beach is running smoothly,” she said.

Heavy rain in mid-June played a factor in a single day closure at the beach, but the lone shut-down was one of the few in recent history that the beach has been closed to swimmers.

The town is also planning a series of erosion control and stormwater run-off improvements. The Rhode Island Coastal Resources Management Council is reviewing the plan; the town hopes to have the work completed this fall.


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