Pedestrian struck on Hope Street in Bristol

Pedestrian struck on Hope Street in Bristol


A Providence man was treated for serious injuries Tuesday morning after being struck by a car driven by a Bristol woman on Hope Street.

Roger Castro, 57, was conscious when medics arrived and transported him to Rhode Island Hospital.

Police and Bristol Rescue were called to an area of Hope at State Street around 8:28 for a report that a pedestrian was hit by a car. According to witnesses, Mr. Castro had just got off the RIPTA bus and was attempting to cross Hope Street from behind the bus.

That’s when he was struck by Mary Dwyer, 76, of Highland Road, who was traveling northbound.
Mr. Castro hit the windshield, and Ms. Dwyer pulled over to the side of the road.

“At this time, there had not been any citations for violations,” said Dep. Chief Steve Contente.

Mr. Castro was not in a crosswalk.


  1. WHY ARE THERE NO CROSSWALKS DOWNTOWN? there is NO North/South crosswalk at the State/ Hope intersection. as well as other crossstreets of town. is this what it takes? it is dangerous. We HAVE LOST OUR CROSSWALKS. The state apparently doesn’t care, but does the Town of Bristol?
    we need our cross walks back. that particular block is packed with kids and parents walking to Colt Andrews School as well as all around the downtown area.

  2. This will be very interesting. The young man that was killed while walking in the street a year ago or so resulted in the driver being charged.

    This is no different in that regard except the driver is 76. Getting hit by a car going at 15-20 mph – enough force to lift you off your feet and onto a car hood is going to result in some serious damage.

    People walk across the streets in Bristol all the time with no cross walks.

    Every intersection should have cross walks and wheel chair friendly curbs.