Parella is chosen as new deputy chief of East Providence Police

Parella is chosen as new deputy chief of East Providence Police

Major Christopher Parella will take over as interim EPPD chief as of July 1.

EAST PROVIDENCE — City Manager Peter Graczykowski will recommend Captain Christopher Parella as the new second in command of the East Providence Police Department, The Post learned Sunday afternoon, Jan. 27.

Capt. Parella would replace recently-retired Major Charles Swenson as the No. 2 in the department below only current Chief of Police Joseph Tavares.

Mr. Graczykowski is expected to offer up his recommendation of Capt. Parella as the  deputy chief of police on a permanent basis to the East Providence Budget Commission at its meeting Thursday, Jan. 31. The Budget Commission remains in charge of all hirings and promotions within city government.

“The decision came from a combination of things, his (Capt. Parella’s) experience in the department as well as the assessment from the chief of police,” Mr. Graczykowski explained. “I’ll definitely recommend the appointment at the Commission meeting Thursday.”

Maj. Swenson resigned his position on Dec. 31 of last year. Capt. Parella is currently the third-highest ranking officer in the department behind EPPD Detective Captain Richard Frazier. Capt. Parella is also the EPPD Patrol Division Commander.

As Capt. Parella takes over the rank of Major, Mr. Graczykowski said three other officers will also gain promotions during the process.

“There’s also likely to be back-fill, where a new captain is appointed to replace Capt. Parella as well as a new lieutenant and sergeant,” Mr. Graczykowski added.

The City Manager said he would be meeting with representatives of the East Providence Police union to discuss the necessary promotions on Tuesday, Jan. 29.

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