Owner brazenly abandons ‘Yorkie’ in front of East Providence pound

Owner brazenly abandons ‘Yorkie’ in front of East Providence pound


EAST PROVIDENCE — In yet another case of brazen pet abandonment locally, a dog owner last week dumped a young male Yorkshire terrier in front of the East Providence Animal Control compound on Commercial Way.

At approximately 5:45 a.m. on Wednesday, May 7, a blue Volkswagen Beetle or “Bug” drove past the EPAC building from the direction of Taunton Avenue towards Waterman Avenue, said Control Officer Will Muggle after viewing surveillance camera footage.yorkie

The car, he continued, turned around and stopped just short of the EPAC lot. The operator exited the vehicle, went around to the passenger side, opened the door then returned to the driver side and departed. The sex of the person was indistinguishable from the footage, Officer Muggle said, as was the car’s license plate.

Moments later the wheat brown “Yorkie” was seen running in and out of the EPAC parking lot. He ran around the building, attempted to scratch at the door and sniff around the outside. He did this for about 90 minutes until EPAC personnel arrived on the premises to open for the day.

“It’s the classic ‘drive-and-ditch’ maneuver. We’ve seen it before,” Officer Muggle said.

Officer Muggle hesitated to estimate the dog’s age, but he said he is still young. He is groomed and has been neutered.

“He’s super-friendly. He seems to love people,” Officer Muggle added.

The police likely won’t be as congenial with the perpetrator.

Officer Muggle is working with his fellow East Providence Police officers and the Department of Motor Vehicles in an attempt to identify the owner. Though without the tag number, the DMV is compiling a list for law enforcement of late model blue VW Bugs registered to local residents.

If found guilty, Officer Muggle said the misdemeanor charge of pet abandonment comes with up to $1,000 in fines and as much as 11 months in prison.

Anyone who recognizes the Yorkie or who has information on the owner of the dog can call either the EPAC office directly at 435-7675 or the EPPD at 435-7600.

The incident is the second in the last six weeks to happen nearby. A similar case of abandonment occurred on the East Providence-Barrington border at Haines Park. That story ended happily with the Husky being adopted by a Warwick resident.


  1. I agree they need to be prosecuted!! But I am thankful he was dropped off and is safe instead of, well, you all know.

    Cute little dog – He will find a loving home he deserves!!

  2. I am a dog owner and to abandon a pet is inexcusable. If an owner is having trouble keeping a pet for whatever reason, there are avenues to follow. Irresponsible behavior is never justified.