New Year’s trek leads little dog far from home

New Year’s trek leads little dog far from home


A small dog with wanderlust started the new year far from home and family.

Cookie, a young part-dachshund mix, is back home in Everett, Mass. (just north of Boston) now after an adventure that took him all the way to Tiverton.

The details of how Cookie landed in Tiverton are a bit hazy.

A family from this area had gone to Boston to watch the fireworks when they found a dog “somewhere along the Red Line” that seemed lost. The dog had no identification and, rather than leave it out in the cold, they decided to take it home and hand it over to animal control there.

The dog wound up with Tiverton Animal Control Officer Thomas Brown, who brought it to Sakonnet Veterinary Hospital, which takes care of the town’s stray dogs.

Deanna Baxter of Sakonnet Vets said that shelter put word out via calls to the Massachusetts Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, animal control offices and through Facebook in hopes of locating the owner.

Meanwhile, the owners (who declined an interview request except to say that Cookie had bolted during the fireworks) were doing the same.

“The happy ending is that, through MSPCA, there was a reunion here in Tiverton,” said Ms. Baxter. Lezlie Souza, who brought Cookie out to meet her owners, reported that both “mother and son (were) crying tears of joy.”

If Cookie does wander off again, he should be easier to find. At the family’s request, Sakonnet Vets implanted a microchip in the dog with information about his home and owners.

Ms. Baxter described Cookie as a very friendly dog “who was very happy to see his family again — super wiggly.”