New Westport High computer courses tailored to special interests

New Westport High computer courses tailored to special interests


Taylor Soares and Heather Miranda work with the new computer program.
By Karen Antonelli

Assistant principal, Westport High School

Westport High School has expanded course offerings and has also provided additional opportunities for students to meet 21st Century Learner Expectations through the online learning program Odysseyware.   Several teachers have been trained in the Odysseyware program and students are enrolled in a variety of courses that might otherwise be unavailable within the traditional courses.

A student and teacher review the Odysseyware course choices and together determine which course best fits the student’s interest and meets credit requirements.   The courses for some students fulfill elective credit requirements while other students are able to recover credits to progress toward graduation.

In the Media Center students engage in interactive online course work during the school day while other students work on the computer courses after school.   For the most part, student work is completed independently and the teacher logs in to assess the work completed. If the student needs help completing the assignments, the teacher is nearby to offer assistance.

Several students have chosen to try classes in areas of interest that they may want to pursue after highs school. Austin chose the elective culinary arts/food and beverage management because he currently works part time in a restaurant and has an interest in exploring the coursework.

“I found that some activities are easy to do while some lessons were long and required some good research online.” he said.

Taylor is pursuing her interest in event planning and has discovered that the class gives her an “opportunity to utilize her creative side while learning the techniques required managing a large event”.   Tyler and Ryan are making up required credits that will keep them on track to graduate this June.