New frozen yogurt shop to open in Barrington

Yogo Crazy, a new frozen yogurt shop in Barrington, will open this weekend.

Yogo Crazy, a new frozen yogurt shop in Barrington, will open this weekend.

Yogo Crazy, a new frozen yogurt shop in Barrington, will open this weekend.

YoGo Crazy, a new frozen yogurt shop owned by Barrington residents Jonathan and Jen Pfeffer, is opening this weekend.

The eatery is located in Maplewood Plaza on the corner of Maple Avenue and Wood Street. Mrs. Pfeffer said they plan on holding a “soft” opening but were unsure of the exact day and time. As of Monday morning, they were putting the finishing touches on the shop, and depending on deliveries and other construction related constraints, she was unsure of the exact opening.

“We are hopeful to be open sometime this weekend and then have a grand opening in August,” she said.

YoGo Crazy is an independent yogurt restaurant with no affiliation to the larger chains. The concept is similar only with a modern twist: In addition to the model of a self-service make-your-own yogurt bar, they will offer Greek yogurt treats.

“It’s really two concepts in one. We have added a Greek yogurt bar that is similar to a fabulous place we visited in New York City. I think it will be a big hit with health conscious people in the community,” Mrs. Pfeffer said.

With a base of plain Greek yogurt, various signature combinations like fruit and granola or cucumber and mint will serve as an alternate meal source.

“We think people will come in for a healthy breakfast or lunch with the Greek yogurt offerings. It’s not frozen yogurt but fresh Greek yogurt. We are hopeful people will see the benefit in the healthy aspect of the product,” she said.

The shops will be overseen by Mrs. Pfeffer but the day-to-day running of the operation will be handled by a manager and assistant manager. Five high school students, both male and female, will work there as well.

One of the reasons the couple decided to go into the food service business in town is to offer a new and different place for families to go to.

“It’s a safe, fun place for children and families to experience a healthy alternative treat,” she said. In the future, they are planning on holding fund-raising events and parties.

— By Joan D. Warren


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