Neglected horse seized in Warren is improving


johnnythehorseJohnny, the four-year-old male horse seized by Warren police from a private farm in Touisset two weeks ago, is improving under the care of a North Dartmouth, Ma. veterinarian.
Johnny was taken from the Barton Avenue home on Wednesday, July 31 underweight and in poor health, with teeth and hoof problems. But Dr. Corinne Slaugther, who has been taking care of Johnny since the horse was seized, said he is making a remarkable recovery.
“I’m really glad, and really surprised,” she said Tuesday. “I really didn’t know if he was going to make it, but he is doing much better. He still has a long road ahead of him, but he is improving quite a bit.”
Dr. Slaughter and her staffed trimmed Johnny’s hooves, and put him on pain medication and doxycycline for a case of anaplasmosis, a tick-borne disease. In addition, Johnny had a bad case of worms but was de-wormed, and his considerable dental problems were addressed.
“He is chewing his food much better,” she said.
Initially, Johnny was unsteady on his feet but now stands on his own much better. Though he is still somewhat lame, she said he is much stronger, too.
Dr. Slaughter’s ultimate goal is to nurse Johnny to health enough to be ridden again. An interested party has expressed interest in adopting the horse but in the meantime, she said, he is a joy to have around.
“He has a lovely personality, and he’s a great patient,” she said. “He is a beautiful horse.”
Johnny’s former owner, Federal Street resident Francisco A. Pereira, said when Warren Animal Control Officer Heidi Garrity first inspected the horse that he no longer could care for him, and wasn’t interested in owning him anymore. Though no charges have yet been filed, Warren police said they are still looking into the case.