Nearly half of East Providence schools are performing below RIDE standards

Nearly half of East Providence schools are performing below RIDE standards


PROVIDENCE — Five of the city’s 11 schools are performing below expected targets according to the most recent data released by the Rhode Island Department of Education (RIDE) last week.

Of the five, the Agnes B. Hennessey Elementary School received the worst rating, “priority,” from RIDE. Though having made strides and actually having a better overall score than several similar schools in the city, Hennessey has previously been identified as a persistently low achieving building and continues to make up for past poor performances.

For 2012-13, Hennessey had a composite score of 50.17. The school earned just 13 of 30 points for proficiency, 16.5 out of 30 for closing previous gaps, 2 of 10 for progress towards long-term targets, 2 of 5 for students earning distinction and 16.67 out of 25 for student development.

Four other East Providence schools, all at the elementary level, were classified with “warning” status. Those schools are Emma G. Whiteknact (47.33 composite score), Kent Heights (45.33), Orlo Avenue (48.33) and James R.D. Oldham (42.83). It should be noted, the latter building is being closed, its students to be dispersed to Alice M. Waddington and Meadowcrest, respectively, in the fall.

Waddington (54.17 composite) was one of five schools to receive “typical” classification from RIDE this year. The others were Silver Spring Elementary (51.33), Edward R. Martin Middle School (60.5), Riverside Middle School (51.5) and East Providence High School (59).

Hennessey (14) along with Martin (18), Kent Heights (16), Orlo (14) and Myron J. Francis Elementary (12) each reached and earned passing marks for its number of targets during the 2012-13 term.

Francis received the highest classification from RIDE, totaling 72 composite points and being recognized as a “leading” school in the state.

The school scored 18 of 30 points for student proficiency in math and english testing, 24 of 30 points for students closing the gap from previous testing, 6 of 10 points for making progress towards targets, 4 of 5 points for students earning scholastic distinction and 20 of 25 points for growth of students academically.

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