NCsoft’s Hoppin’ Chicken no free on iOS and Android


Hoppin’ Chicken - iOS

Players must tilt and tap to take control of a chicken on the getaway.

NCsoft has released a new update for Hoppin’ Chicken. Initially released on the iOS App Store last November as ‘iHop – Getaway Chicken’, the pick-up-and-play title returns with extra gameplay modes, purchasable booster items, and a new name with a new price – FREE.

Developed by Korean indie studio ChocobajiApps, Hoppin’ Chicken takes a fresh take on tilt-controlled side-scrolling games. Players are challenged to furiously tilt and tap, as they take control of a chicken on the getaway. As the chicken hops along, players will have to carefully control it, making sure it lands on narrow platforms and avoids enemies. iOS players can connect on Wemo, NCsoft’s social mobile gaming network, to compete globally and earn mission points.

Main Features

• 5 challenging stages (+ new check points)
• 10 humorous collectible ending illustrations
• 11 purchasable booster items
• A whole new Endless Mode for fearless players


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