Nasty Habits, Chicago Total Access take stage tonight

Chicago Total Access


Chicago Total Access

Chicago Total Access

Over the next two weeks, 25 bands will rock the Independence Park stage, spanning virtually every genre of popular music.

The 4th of July Concert Series continues tonight at the waterfront park with the hard rocking Nasty Habits and the mix of rock, jazz and blues of Chicago Total Access, with a concentration on the music of rock band Chicago.

6:30 p.m. — NASTY HABITS

Nasty Habits is a six-piece classic rock band consisting of two guitars, harmonica, keyboards, drums, bass and powerful vocals. Since1983, they have been rocking Rhode Island night clubs with their high-energy style of music bringing you the best in Classic Rock & Roll from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. Their energetic shows are very entertaining and crowd pleasing.


Chicago Total Access is a group made up of 10 talented musicians which all grew up listening to American and British pop/rock, jazz, blues, rhythm and blues, Motown, acid rock and music from the 40’s, 50’s,60’s and 70’s as well as classical

Nasty Habits

Nasty Habits

music from the ages. Their music is dedicated to the music of the American rock band “Chicago”. There is no other American rock n roll band with horns that has influenced more musicians, is loved by millions of people worldwide, and has become such a deep part of Americana as the band Chicago. Since 1967, 46 years of sold out concerts, millions of record sales and legions of cheering fans worldwide Chicago is still going strong in 2013. The members of Chicago Total Access have attempted to recreate a slice of the timeless musical catalog of Chicago as well as stay true to the spirit of the original recordings.

Last night, popular local bands Rendition and Band of Brothers kicked off the concert series. Check out this gallery of the action.


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