Mt. Hope High School students get cash for perfect attendance


Carrington Henley

Carrington Henley

If succeeding academically weren’t motivation enough, there is now a financial incentive encouraging students to attend school every day.
An anonymous donor set up a recurring financial award for students at Mt. Hope High school who graduate with perfect attendance for each of the four years he or she has attended the school.
Dubbed the “4 Attendance Award,” it will be presented to a high school senior who has attended 720 continuous days of instruction. The student(s) will receive $720 for this accomplishment, one dollar for each day of attendance.
Why is 720 the lucky number? Superintendent Melinda Thies said “that sum is equal to the number of degrees in 4 pi radians.”
The award is the brainchild of an anonymous donor who established the Four Attendance Award Scholarship Fund with an initial deposit of $10,000.
“The one caveat to the creation of the fund is that the donor remains anonymous,” Ms. Thies said. “The only clue to this mystery is the name of the award itself.”
The award sends a great message to students, as well, Ms. Thies said, that attendance is very important.
“If you are there every day, you will succeed and do well,” she said.
Carrington Henley, who graduated in June with a perfect record throughout his school career, is the first graduate to receive the award.